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1-26-2020-Fennell's 35 Weight Throw-USAT

Congratulations to Coach Fennell

for winning the 35lb.Weight Throw

competition at the 2020 

USATF New England Masters

Indoor Track & Field

Championships that was held 

on Sunday, 1/26/2020 at

Providence Career and Technical Academy

Ernest Fennell-Founder, Executive Director and Head Coach of the FAST TRACK Track & Field Club.

Coach Fennell has been involved in organized sports from the moment he stepped into high school.  Coach Fennell participated in Football, Wrestling, Karate, Boxing and a very brief stint with track & field during his high school years.

Coaching Certifications & NFHS Courses

*USA Track & Field Level One Certification

*National Credential NFHS Coach Level 1

*Rhode Island Interscholastic High School NFHS Certified

*CPR, AED, First-Aid Certified

*Rhode Island State Component -NFHS- Rhode Island

*Protecting Students From Abuse-NFHS-Rhode Island

*Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors -NFHS- R.I.

*Engaging Effectively With Parents -NFHS- Rhode Island

*Sports Nutrition -NFHS- Rhode Island

*Sportsmanship -NFHS -Rhode Island

*Sudden Cardiac Arrest -NFHS- Rhode Island

*Concussion in Sports -NFHS- Rhode Island

*Heat Illness Prevention - NFHS-Rhode Island

Personal Coaching-By appointment Only





WILL BLACKMON-(NFL Free Safety) Washington Redskins(2016 Season), former Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

I was one of two of Blackmon's first youth football coaches and the only coach he has had an undefeated record with in football.


DEMETRIUS "Boo Boo" ANDRADE-Professional Boxer (32-0, 19 KOs), 30, a 2008 U.S. Olympian and a former two-time junior middleweight word titlist,(As of 3-27-2023)

...I was Andrade's  first football coach. Not only did we have an undefeated season, we share the same name..."Demetrius".


Football Coaching Career:

NFL (Junior Player Development)

Head Coach 2000-2003



West Elmwood Intruders Football

3 years undefeated as an assistant coach (1991-1993)

(7 & 8yrs old-10-0) 

(7 & 8yrs old-9-1) (1994)

3 years undefeated as the head coach (1995-1998)

 (7 & 8yrs old-10-0)

South Side Saints Football 1999-2002

(8, 9 & 10 yrs. old Junior Pee Wee 10-0 -Head Coach 1999

(9 & 10 yrs. old  Pee Wee  5-3 -Head Coach 1999)

(13 & 14 yrs. old  Pee Wee  5-2-1-Head Coach 2000)

(13 & 14 yrs. old  Pee Wee  (6-2)-Head Coach 2001)

(13 & 14 yrs. old  Pee Wee  (7-1)-Head Coach 2002)

Mt. Hope Cowboys Football 2003-2004

2 years undefeated super bowl champions as the head

(13 & 14 yrs. old  Midgets  (10-0)-Head Coach 2001)

Defeated Johnston Panthers 24-0(Super Bowl)


(13 & 14 yrs. old  Midgets  (10-0)-Head Coach 2002)

Defeated Edgewood Eagles at their home field and they were 8-0. We beat them 16-0 (Super Bowl)

Hope High School Football 2005-2009

-Assistant Coach

Track & Field

Hope High School Track & Field 2007-2009

-Assistant Coach

Providence Cobras 1997-2008

-Assistant Coach

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